Unspoken Revolution

"Through design we can change stories"

Work in Progress

The Hermitage Project‭ ..‬ ..‬forms part of‭ ‘‬Unspoken Revolution‭’ ‬studio‭. ‬It encourages students to develop a sense of social responsibility‭. ‬ The brief‭..‬ .. ‬is to design a structure/installation for the public to engage with‭.‬ Our aim‭..‬ .. ‬is to highlight‭, ‬focus and punctuate the issues through materiality‭, action‭, ‬haptic skills and meaningful imagery‭, ‬in order to challenge the public perception of homelessness‭.‬

sketch 4 Standing inside the structure and engaging with the different displays, one will get an understanding of what homelessness is about. Each student designs a box that is inspired by homelessness and by our perception of it.

sketch 2

sketch 3

sketch 1

MAREK_sketch bearb

Concept development sketches by Marek Jankovskij

Kopie von MAREK_sketch_2 bearb

Concept development sketches by Marek Jankovskij

Enriques construction sketches copy

Construction details by Enrique Santiago Gomez

construction detail 2 enrique-1 copy

Construction details by Enrique Santiago Gomez

WIP Iliana sketch upConcept development, Sketch-up by Iliana Mitova

Kopie von HERMITAGE_dims

Plan, 1st draft, Sketch-up by Iliana Mitova

/Users/julieberdou/Downloads/hermitage 2 2012.dwg

Visual, 1st draft, Outward facing display by Julie Berdou & Shamma Al-Ali

/Users/julieberdou/Downloads/hermitage 2 2012.dwg

Sketch visual in situ by Julie Berdou

111 plan

Plan layout by Francesca Parpinel

shamma cad

Section by Shamma Al-Ali1pdf structure

structure 2

Sections and Elevations showing construction details by Francesca Parpinel

section 03Elevation showing MDF wood panels and box placement by Shamma Al-Ali

 photo 5 (3)

photo 4 (3)

Sketch model, 1:50 by Shamma Al-Ali & Shkendije Bajraktari

presentation to the client BDG bearb

Presentation to the client Gill Parker, Managing Director at BDG architecture + design

photo (3)

photo 1

photo 3

1:1 Mock up of the installation to determine box sizes and placement.

Captura de ecrã - 2013-12-01, 22.19.49

Hermitage logo by Marek Jankovskij


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Screening: Dark Days & The Hermitage @ Stories BarFebruary 2nd, 2014
Stories Bar, 30 – 32 Broadway Market, E8 4QJ
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