Unspoken Revolution

"Through design we can change stories"

Concept Statement: Alicja Mrowinska


Box 1

Life and character of a homeless girl. She lives on and off the street for some time. Different elements of the box tell a different story:

A child’s drawing- she was abused by her Father,

broken chain of pearls – a difficult relationship with her mother,

Bottle- She is a binge drinker.

Cotton thread- her difficult character and problems inside her.

Metal box on the stings – changes in her moods and aggression.

Wooden Box – she is tough from outside, but very fragile from the inside.

Key- She is looking for stability for normal life, for home…


Box 2 

We think homelessness only exists on the street and we don’t realize the true scale of the problem. This box shows in numbers the problem of homelessness in the city we live in -London and that homelessness in not only rough sleeping on the street but it is also a friend who sleeps on our sofa.”



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